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Loved by Laura

Re-stored and Re-loved

My work combines classic furniture with modern materials to create unique and beautiful pieces. Whether you're interested in a simple repair or a custom-made item, I deliver outstanding work at competitive prices. Be a part of the creation—visit me in my workshop Wednesday-Friday


My Story

A creative and hands on job has been my dream for a lifetime. My business, now called Loved… by Laura, was officially formed in September 2022 after leaving my former career as a letting agent and realising another dream: moving back to the North East after 20 years in Leeds.  

Giving old furniture a new lease of life began with an upholstery course, countless home renovations and pieces for my own home. My favourite products are midcentury classics, often with a modern twist. I particularly adore restoring and upholstering the legendary Parker Knoll fireside chairs - they are just so timeless, beautiful and comfortable! 
I love to find a bargain or, even better, a freebie - someone else’s unloved furniture or dare I say junk! - and let my imagination run wild with stunning paints and textiles. I always feel so accomplished and so proud of the end product.  

I’m passionate about where I live and ensuring it’s just as beautiful for my children and grandchildren in years to come. Sustainability and the local community are so important. By recycling and reusing furniture and fabrics to give one-off pieces a new lease of life for many years to come, I am proud to be taking us back to a more sustainable way of life.  
I am inspired by the quality and beauty of all things vintage and retro and I feel they deserve to be loved… by Laura, and by you. I can’t wait to showcase my Loved…by Laura pieces.  

I am very open to working on bespoke commissions to your requirements as well as considering collaborations.  

Laura x 

My Services

In today’s world, the value inherent in recycled and handmade products is enormous.  I started my business to showcase and sell my sustainable creations while also crafting designs to your specifications.


Upcycling is the future

Nothing excites me more than finding a beautiful timeless piece, forgotten and un-loved, and bringing it back to life with new fabrics, colour ways and special details.


Bespoke Commissions

When it comes to custom creations, there’s no project that is too big or small to complete. If you wish to book my services for your bespoke commission, all you have to do is contact me and I’ll get back to you in no time.


A Brief History of Loved by Laura

I love it. I feel I’ve found myself and what I want to do, Wonderful support from my family has made it happen.

I enjoyed crafts as a child, keen on cross-stitch and creating items such as purses from fabric. I studied Psychology at university and then worked for over a decade in property rental.

Lockdown during the Covid pandemic meant that both my husband and I were working from home, as well as looking after our son Oscar and new baby, Poppy. For some variety, I re-upholstered and painted a little footstool, a piano stool and a dining chair that I already had and I found my flow

I went on a brilliant upholstery course and mastered new techniques. I returned full of inspiration.

Loved by Laura started in my kitchen upcycling old furniture and upholstering pieces for friends and family.

I now have my own little studio, attend fairs and sell online and in person. 

My aspirations are to have my own retail space with workshop and inspire others to get creative and sustainable

Textile Industry


18 Marske Road TS12 1PZ


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